The Association of Centres for Social Work

The Community of Centres for Social Work (CCSW) was founded on the basis of the s. 52 of the Institutions Act in 1996 by the decision of the Assembly of Community of the Centres for Social Work of Slovenia. All centres for social work in the Republic of Slovenia are connected to The Community CSW.

The Association CSW:

  • takes care of the formation and cheking of findings, points of view and claims coming to the Association from the local, regional and state level;
  • organizes different kinds of meetings and education by exchanging experiences and by getting to know the proffesional execution of various activities of Centres;
  • organizes work on collective projects and lectures;
  • cooperates in enforcement of common interests of members in forming legislation, sublegal acts and other regulations, that affect the activities of members, and it cooperates in preparation of starting-points for carrying out programmes, standards and price of services of staff and standard activities etc.;
  • gives initiatives for various programmes of social care and cooperates in preparation of starting-points for preparation of programmes of social care;
  • represents members in the government of the Republic of Slovenia and to competent Ministries in securing material conditions for work of the members and in forming starting-points for financing of activities of members;
  • cooperates and represents members in permanent expert bodies of ministries, social chamber, cooperates with members of Parliament, other collective associations and with communes; cooperates in preparing and enforcing collective agreements representing the interests of members;
  • by analysis of data, preparation of developmental and other concepts, evaluation, expert grounding and estimations, the Community CSW offers support to its members to realise common interests in achieving solutions in the area of organizing operation, division of labour, development of the information system, development of the CSW, which have more purpose and quality;
  • cooperates with schools, that educate experts for various fields of work in the Centres, takes care of the development of staff and is included in foreign programmes of education;
  • takes care of unified formation of prices for social care services, gives initiative and cooperates in the formation and change of standards and norms of social care services; offers expert and organisational help to the Centres in the Community CSW;
  • informs the general public by occasionally publishing in specialized papers and publishes a gazette, which at the same time mediates information to its members and carries out other activities, which are important for achieving basic goals of the Community CSW.

By the Social Security Act (Ur.l.RS, no.36/04, UPB) the State entrusted the execution of the following tasks, as public authorisations, to The Community of the centres for social work of Slovenia :

  1. CCSW should determine the catalogue of tasks, which are carried out by the centres for social work:
    • services of social care,
    • tasks that are carried out by the CSW as public authorisations and
    • tasks that are given to the CSW by other regulations; this area of activities serves as the basis for functioning of the whole informational system of the social care;
  2. CCSW should determine the standards and norms for carrying out individual types of tasks:
    • that are entrusted to the centres for social work as public authorisations by law and
    • that are given to the centres for social work by other regulations.

The first catalogue of tasks of CSW was prepared on the 1st of April in 2005 and was presented to the Ministry of labour, family and social affairs for confirmation. On the basis of the standard the Community CSW is preparing starting-points for defining the norms, which should be drawn up by the March of 2006.

How can you find us?

The head of the Community and the advisers are at your disposal every weekday from 8am to 2pm in the Community of Centres for Social Work at Slovenska cesta 55 in Ljubljana. You can call us on the telephone number 08 20 22 400, (01) 436 68 58 or send us a fax on (01) 436 68 59.

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